Output 1: European Report: Common forms of hate speech  Online (Social media) and Offline (Face to face communication) (consortium countries)

The first intellectual output relates to the holistic development of intercultural skills online and offline for higher education students in the consortium countries and beyond. The main aim of this intellectual output is to assess the existing situation within the partnership countries as for the spread of racist/hate frames and discourses through social media. 

To access the final report of this output click on the link below:

Ο1Α8: Consolidated European Report


Output 2: Intercultural Skills Assessment Online Tool

The objective of this intellectual output is to assess the intercultural skills of the local students who will participate in the project activities before and after their implementation. 

The aim of this assessment is twofold: 

  • It consists a needs analysis tool as it assesses the level of intercultural competence of local students prior to the activities of the project;
  • It assesses the impact of the project activities to the participants (after the implementation of the MATE events).

To access the Intercultural Skills Assessment Online Tool in English click on the link below:

O2A2: Intercultural Skills Assessement Online Tool in English


Output 3: “Report Racism” Curriculum and Methodological Guide

After identifying the various forms of anti-migrant discourses and hate speech in the partner countries, a curriculum as well as a methodological guide will be developed aiming at the use of social networks as a bonding tool among participants. The idea here is to use popular socialising communication channels as venues to celebrate diversity and weaken racist bias and stereotypes, often leading to hate speech and aggressive behaviour online and offline. The objective of the methodological guide is to help the trainers implement the “Report Racism” training activities. 


Output 4: Methodological Guide for the MATE Facilitators

This intellectual output involves a methodological guide for organising events facilitated by students, aiming at the discovery of shared cultural and social elements among migrants and locals. The participants share stories, show/exchange/touch objects, play games, and engage in other activities that are representative of their cultures.

The events’ impact can be summarised as:

– Mingle with migrants;

– Acknowledge similarities and diversity;

– Trust each other.


Output 5: Producing Awareness Campaigns Guide

The aim of this IO is to explore alternative approaches for engaging and understanding young people’s political activity and look at the adoption of social networks as a means to facilitate the connectivity among different networks and groups, engage young people of different ethnic and social background into common activities, promote different sets of social values, and most importantly reduce ethnic and race-based disparities and discriminations. Τhe participant students with the young migrants will be asked to design and implement an awareness campaign touching upon different aspects of racism and xenophobia and also on their own experience from participating in the project activities. 


Output 6: “MATE” Online Platform

The “MATE” platform aims at systematising the approach of the project and it will act as a guide to stakeholders across the EU, on how to apply and repeat the project activities in different contexts. It will also be visually attractive. The platform will include open education resources in the form of: a) methodological guides for “Report Racism” activities, b) methodological guides for “MATE” activities, c) the curriculum developed in IO3.